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Six Flags Reading Program Sign up

December 3rd, 2013

We always look forward to our annual visit to Six Flags Great America. Now is the time to prepare for it and motivate the kids to keep reading as well antivirus programm kostenlos downloaden vollversion windows 10.

Follow the link to register your homeschooled kids to earn free admission for completing 6 hours of reading.

Ready, Set, GO download firefox file!

The Six Flags Read to Succeed Program is now accepting registrations for the 2013-2014 school year.

Go Big this school year when you and your students participate in the Six Flags 2013-2014 Read to Succeed Program Download icloud pc photos.

Register for Read to Succeed 2013-2014

If you participated last year, your online account is still active Download origin. You can login and confirm your information is still correct and make any updates, if needed.

If you are new to the program, registration is now open so you can sign up today sony smart tv apps downloaden. Once you login to your account, you can download everything you need to get started from your Teacher Toolbox in your online account fortnite cheats herunterladen. Your Teacher Toolbox will have the Student Reading Log, Parent Letter and instructional guides. Your students can begin logging their hours as soon as you hand out the Student Reading Logs data.

We appreciate your dedication to encouraging students to read and look forward to another successful school year.


The Six Flags Read to Succeed Team

Ozzie Reading Program

November 7th, 2012

Description: Ozzie ReadingClub

The Cougar’s have a great reading incentive program that homeschoolers are welcome to participate in as well whatsapp für mac downloaden. Following is some of the information related to the program and contact information to get all the details.

In a nutshell, your pre-K through 8th grade kids read for 8 weeks, working to reach their goals gratis fortnite downloaden pc. The big prize is a free ticket to the Cougar’s game and accompanying guests can order their own tickets while ordering the free ones for the student youtube videos easy to legal.

Dates are available in April and May for various home games (you make a game selection when registering for the program) and this is always a fun outing as we near the end of our school year herunterladen.

1.      We are now affiliated with the Chicago Cubs, meaning that many of the players who you see playing for the Cougars right here in Geneva will one day be playing at Wrigley Field in Chicago download vlc for free nederlands.

2.      We are offering a scholarship program called Ozzie’s scholars. All students enrolled in Ozzie’s Reading Club will have the opportunity to apply for one of ten $1,000 academic scholarships which they can use toward their future educational endeavors youtube lieder herunterladen mp3.

3.      If you have other programs in place during the typical Ozzie’s Reading Club months of January and February, you can run the program during another more convenient time download vevo.

Kane County Cougars One Cougar Trail Geneva, IL  60134

Phone: 630-232-8811 Fax: 630-232-8815 E-Mail:

Six Flags reading program coming soon

September 17th, 2012

Here’s the latest info from Six Flags. Registration opens in just a few weeks!

On behalf of Six Flags, I would like to thank you for your past participation in our Read to Succeed Six Hour Reading Club and provide you with some detail about our upcoming 2012-2013 program gif weihnachten herunterladen. In this electronic world that we live in, reading has become more important than ever. We plan to continue to do our part by offering you and your elementary school students free tickets to Six Flags when they participate in the Read to Succeed program mobile legends zum downloaden.

Beginning October 9th, you will be able to register online for Read to Succeed at office 2019 pro. At that time you will need to have the following information available to complete your registration:

  • Your name
  • Name of your school
  • Your email address
  • Your school’s physical address (for ticket delivery)
  • Number of students in each grade you teach

If you are a school coordinator (registering on behalf of multiple teachers) you will need:

  • Name of each teacher
  • Email address of each teacher
  • Approximate number of students in each grade each teacher teaches

We will send you another note on or before October 9th when the new Read to Succeed online registration form is ready to go download ravensburger puzzle for free.

Thank you again for your participation in Read to Succeed!


The Six Flags Read to Succeed Team

Kane County Cougar’s Reading program

September 30th, 2011
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Once again it is time to prepare for Ozzie’s Reading Club russische volksmusik kostenlos downloaden. We have enjoyed this program for many years now. I like that it is not a preset reading goal, but you and the child determine what is best for them. It excites them about reading, and rewards them with a great outing in the spring kostenlos musik downloaden amazon prime.

If you would like to participate in 2012,  please contact Amy.

Amy Mason

Kane County Cougars § 1 Cougar Trail § Geneva, IL 60134

Phone: 630.232.8811 § FAX 630.232.8815


Don’t miss it — Great America Read to Succeed

March 3rd, 2011

This is your last chance for this year, the eleventh hour and then some download microsoft publisher 2010 for free. Great America’s Read to Succeed program is about to wrap up for another season windows 10 kostenlos herunterladen microsoft.

Now, if your child has not been reading they will have a difficult time meeting the requirements for this today, unless they REALLY like to read a lot at once hevc codec for free.

The basic program: read for 6 hours and earn a free Great America ticket.

Read books, magazines, newspapers, comics, anything, just read download free magazines! After they log a total of 360 minutes they earn the ticket.

They have revamped this program and made it really easy to sign up for, which is great for procrastinators like me who just got around to signing up yesterday lucky blöcke herunterladen. We’ve been reading all along. We read tons as a matter of habit, but we had not actually filled out the information on their site.

So, don’t wait another minute, get over there and reward your kids for all that time they have spent reading the bergdoktor download for free. And, if they haven’t read those 6 hours, you’ve got the whole day Friday to make that right. 😉

Ozzie Reading Program

October 18th, 2010
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The Kane County Cougars are again offering a reading program to encourage students to read. Contact the Cougars directly about joining this great program:

For more information about the program please mail, fax or e-mail your request to the address, fax number or e-mail address below animal crossing new leaf für pc kostenlos downloaden deutsch.

Kane County Cougars § 34W002 Cherry Lane § Geneva, IL 60134

Phone: 630.232.8811 § FAX 630.232.8815


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Book It!

March 8th, 2010

BOOK IT <a class=herunterladen! Homepage" width="90" height="104" /> Love Kids. Love Reading.

It’s Time Again to Reserve Your 2010-11 BOOK IT musik mit dem iphone herunterladen! Materials. This year you must enroll your individual family, they are not accepting submissions from groups. It’s a very simple process though, so jump online and get signed up skype apple. You should receive the materials around the beginning of September and you can begin setting and rewarding reading goals with your child(ren) in October publisher gratis downloaden 2013.

Easy to use and a simple motivator for kids that need an extra nudge to get their nose in a book, or a great reward for those that are already reading up a storm audible bücher herunterladen.

Enroll your homeschool family online at the BOOK IT notenschreibprogramm kostenlos downloaden vollversion mac! website

The enrollment period is from March 1 through June 30, 2010. Orders beyond these dates will be filled as supplies allow on a first-come first-served basis download game uno for free.

The program then runs starting on October 1, 2010, and concluding on March 31, 2011

Ozzie Reading Program

October 19th, 2009

Here is information on a great reading incentive program that is open to homeschoolers as well. Students Kindergarten through eighth grade may participate and earn a free ticket to the Cougar’s game in the spring aquasoft diashow 10 kostenlos downloaden.

In summary their program works like this:
Ozzie’s Reading Club is an eight-week reading incentive program sponsored by the Kane County Cougars along with Provena Mercy Medical Center amazon ohne app herunterladen. The program is open to children in grades K-8; however, to participate, a student’s school must be a member of the Ozzie’s Reading Club program iphone se kostenlos musik downloaden.

Ozzie’s Reading Club tracks the progress of a student’s reading around the bases of a baseball diamond with the three bases and home plate representing two weeks worth of reading just dance wii downloaden. Each teacher may determine his or her own reading requirements for each base. Students completing the program’s requirements “hit a home run” and earn a free ticket to an April or May Cougars game designated by their school Download ebay for free. Other rewards may include a bookmark, a voucher for a hot dog and soda as well as an official Ozzie Reading Club t-shirt.

For more information you need to contact their office:
Kane County Cougars  34W002 Cherry Lane § Geneva, IL 60134

Phone: 630.232.8811  FAX 630.232.8815


Great America Read to Succeed

July 14th, 2009

If you and your kids earned tickets to Six Flags through their Read to Succeed Program, now is the time to redeem them auto spiele kostenlosen für pc!

Six Flags

They expire August 9th, just a few weeks away, and the closer we get to that date, the more crowded the park becomes app zum herunterladen von youtube. I just took my girls yesterday and we had a perfect day for it! The crowds did swell a bit in the afternoon, but most of the day we enjoyed short to non-existent lines foxit reader herunterladen kostenlos.

The employees said it was a typical Monday.

Tips for enjoying your day:

  • Don’t forget the sunscreen so you don’t regret your trip the following day(s)
  • Stay hydrated assassins creed downloaden. We actually were there from the time they opened until they closed and my girls still weren’t done! Keeping plenty of water on hand helps them enjoy the day languages for windows 7 download.
  • Bring healthy snacks (but, of course, they need to stay in the car). Rather than filling up on fried food, pop, and sweets, we enjoyed dinner in the parking lot download minecraft ios. Whole wheat sandwiches, carrots, fruit, and lots of water. Nothing holding us back from having a lot of fun the whole day at Great America
  • Go soon, and preferably earlier in the week download multimedia player. It will never be completely empty, but you have a better chance of fighting fewer crowds this way. We whipped through countless lines before 11:30 dosbox kostenlos downloaden deutsch.
  • Take the express lane up 294! If you are taking 94/294 up to Six Flags Great America in Gurnee get in the middle/express lane if at all possible adobe digital editions kostenlos herunterladen. We crawled through the construction induced congestion that whole stretch while watching cars whiz past us. There is an exit from the express lanes at Grand (where you need to get off for Great America), so you don’t need to worry about missing it spotify tracks. If you stay in the local lanes you could easily count on an hour drive from 90 to the park.

If you do have the free tickets, try not to let them go to waste. We enjoyed a full day of fun for around $20 (including parking). Not bad at all, and the kids deserved it for the great job they did reading this past year.

More flags! More fun! 🙂

. . . More Works for Me Wednesday!

Chuck E Cheese reading incentive

June 2nd, 2009

Even Chuck E. Cheese is getting in on the action when it comes to encouraging kids to read.

Simply print out these reading reward calendars, have your child read every day for two weeks, and bring it in for 10 free tokens per child with a food purchase Download bogy kompass. You can get one for each child without needing seperate food purchases for each one (we have 5 children, buy 1 pizza and redeem 5 calendars, plus report cards if it is the end of a grading period) apps herunterladen auf handy.

These are great calendars, and they have a number of other ones on their site as well herunterladen. If you want some extra encouragement while instilling good habits in your child, check out their other reward calendars (clean room, getting dressed, sleeping all night, manners, etc.) You can only redeem one calendar per child each time you go to Chuck E Cheese, and you must make a food purchase at that time as well, but these are great boredom busters and motivators all year round card games for free for windows 7!

Don’t forget to bring your child’s report card with as well.

They earn tokens for good grades. Need some help putting together your end of the year grades minecraft mods download kostenlos deutsch? Check out Donna Young’s site for report cards that you can use for this important record keeping step rolling sky for free.