Don’t miss it — Great America Read to Succeed

This is your last chance for this year, the eleventh hour and then some. Great America’s Read to Succeed program is about to wrap up for another season.

Now, if your child has not been reading they will have a difficult time meeting the requirements for this today, unless they REALLY like to read a lot at once.

The basic program: read for 6 hours and earn a free Great America ticket.

Read books, magazines, newspapers, comics, anything, just read! After they log a total of 360 minutes they earn the ticket.

They have revamped this program and made it really easy to sign up for, which is great for procrastinators like me who just got around to signing up yesterday. We’ve been reading all along. We read tons as a matter of habit, but we had not actually filled out the information on their site.

So, don’t wait another minute, get over there and reward your kids for all that time they have spent reading. And, if they haven’t read those 6 hours, you’ve got the whole day Friday to make that right. ­čśë

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