Six Flags reading program coming soon

Here’s the latest info from Six Flags. Registration opens in just a few weeks!

On behalf of Six Flags, I would like to thank you for your past participation in our Read to Succeed Six Hour Reading Club and provide you with some detail about our upcoming 2012-2013 program. In this electronic world that we live in, reading has become more important than ever. We plan to continue to do our part by offering you and your elementary school students free tickets to Six Flags when they participate in the Read to Succeed program.

Beginning October 9th, you will be able to register online for Read to Succeed at At that time you will need to have the following information available to complete your registration:

  • Your name
  • Name of your school
  • Your email address
  • Your school’s physical address (for ticket delivery)
  • Number of students in each grade you teach

If you are a school coordinator (registering on behalf of multiple teachers) you will need:

  • Name of each teacher
  • Email address of each teacher
  • Approximate number of students in each grade each teacher teaches

We will send you another note on or before October 9th when the new Read to Succeed online registration form is ready to go.

Thank you again for your participation in Read to Succeed!


The Six Flags Read to Succeed Team

Great America — homeschool days and more

Found out about these events from the Six Flags’ website:

Six Flags Autism Awareness Day


Six Flags hosts the 16th annual Home School Day event on August 18. Enjoy a fun filled day at the park with your family and friends. A special all-you-can-eat Home School Day picnic is also available in our private picnic grove. Contact for additional information.


Six Flags Great America is excited to announce Catholic Family Day on Sunday, August 14th. Enjoy a fun filled day with your family and friends at Six Great America and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. In the evening join us for Mass in our Southwest Amphitheatre sponsored by the Young Adult Ministry Office – Archdiocese of Chicago. Please contact for more information.


Six Flags Great America and the Autism Society of Illinois are proud to announce the Second Annual Autism Awareness Day.

Including the Chicago Children’s Theaters Red Kite Project. Join us in our Wilderness Theater for interactive, multi-sensory
performances courtesy of the Chicago Children’s Theaters Red Kite Project. There will also be a designated Quiet Area near the Wilderness
Theater that will provide sensory exercises for guests throughout the day from 10:00AM–5:00PM

More details on this event and special discounted tickets on the AutismIllinois site.

And, for more educational benefit from Six Flags:

Make Six Flags Great America your outdoor learning lab

Six Flags Great America is not only the entertainment capital of the world but also a unique outdoor learning lab.  We have designed specific learning materials for both students and teachers that gives experiential learning a new meaning.  Let Six Flags be your outdoor learning lab and use the free materials below to plan lessons and make learning fun.  Whether it’s calculating (or experiencing) the velocity of the America Eagle or learning how an entertainment giant like Six Flags markets themselves.

Educational Resources:

Illinois Curriculum Standards correlations to Six Flags Rides
Wisconsin Curriculum Standards correlations to Six Flags Rides

Physics Day Teacher Manual
Physics Day Student Manual

Math and Science Day Teacher Manual
Math and Science Day Student Manual

Marketing Day Commercial Guidelines

Six Flags Great America recommended amusement park physics websites for further learning:

The Physics Classroom

Amusement Park Physics



The Physics of Amusement Parks

Physics Education

CPS Webinar Presented by Nathan Unterman for Preparation for Physics Day Field Trips
Office of Science / Physics Day Webinar – April 14, 2011

Physics Day Vest Data

Don’t forget to use your Reading Reward free tickets before they expire.

We just enjoyed the day there yesterday and it was once again a great incentive for my kids. They look forward to it every year.

Six Flags Homeschool Day

Friday, August 27

Six Flags hosts the 15th annual Home School Day event on August 27. Enjoy a fun filled day at the park with your family and friends. A special all-you-can-eat Home School Day picnic is also available in our private picnic grove. Contact for additional information.

Home School Day Flyer


All-you-can-eat picnic buffet in our private picnic grove includes fried
chicken, hot dogs, meatless mostaccioli, potato salad, pasta salad,
potato chips, pickles, rolls and unlimited soft drinks. You may enter the
picnic grove any time from 11:30a.m.-1:00p.m.


Purchase a Home School Day ticket and receive one hour of exclusive ride time on Superman Ultimate Flight,
Rue le Dodge and Condor. This exclusive ride time is available before the park opens from 9:00 a.m.-10:00a.m.
and is only available to people who have purchased Home School Day tickets.

Last call, Six Flags Homeschool Day

If you did not already make arrangements to enjoy the Six Flags homeschool day on Thursday, September 10, you can still do so, just minus the early registration discounts.

A reader found out this information today (Thanks, Janet!).  You can still get in at the gate for $38.00 (rather than the $32.00 advance rate). However, you cannot order the buffet.

If you want more details, feel free to check out my earlier post on this great event or give them a call today or tomorrow
at (847) 249-4636.

Edit: Note the comment left at this post as well, for information on the buffet picnic!

Six Flags homeschool day

If you have not received a flyer in the mail, be on the lookout!

Six Flags

Many people have been searching for more details about the upcoming homeschool day at Six Flags Great America.

I received my flyer today, and they have now posted the registration form on the website. If you did not get a flyer mailed to you, you can print this registration form for yourself.

Here are the details:

  • 2009 Home School Day Thursday, September 10
  • Park hours — 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Hurricane Harbour is not open on that day
  • Picnic Grove buffet from 11:30-1:00 for $10.25
  • $10 processing fee to mail order tickets
  • Get a free ticket for every 20 you purchase — get a group together and you can go free!


  • $27.50 per person if purchased before August 24, 2009
  • $33 per person if ordered 8/25 through 9/4
  • Online ticket promo code: HOMESCHOOL
  • $37.75 for ticket and all-you-can-eat buffet if ordered by 8/24/2009

Early bird specials give you less than three weeks from now to get your orders in, so get your group together and get your order in soon.  Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to enjoy Great America with other area homeschoolers.

Great America Read to Succeed

If you and your kids earned tickets to Six Flags through their Read to Succeed Program, now is the time to redeem them!

Six Flags

They expire August 9th, just a few weeks away, and the closer we get to that date, the more crowded the park becomes. I just took my girls yesterday and we had a perfect day for it! The crowds did swell a bit in the afternoon, but most of the day we enjoyed short to non-existent lines.

The employees said it was a typical Monday.

Tips for enjoying your day:

  • Don’t forget the sunscreen so you don’t regret your trip the following day(s)
  • Stay hydrated. We actually were there from the time they opened until they closed and my girls still weren’t done! Keeping plenty of water on hand helps them enjoy the day.
  • Bring healthy snacks (but, of course, they need to stay in the car). Rather than filling up on fried food, pop, and sweets, we enjoyed dinner in the parking lot. Whole wheat sandwiches, carrots, fruit, and lots of water. Nothing holding us back from having a lot of fun the whole day at Great America
  • Go soon, and preferably earlier in the week. It will never be completely empty, but you have a better chance of fighting fewer crowds this way. We whipped through countless lines before 11:30.
  • Take the express lane up 294! If you are taking 94/294 up to Six Flags Great America in Gurnee get in the middle/express lane if at all possible. We crawled through the construction induced congestion that whole stretch while watching cars whiz past us. There is an exit from the express lanes at Grand (where you need to get off for Great America), so you don’t need to worry about missing it. If you stay in the local lanes you could easily count on an hour drive from 90 to the park.

If you do have the free tickets, try not to let them go to waste. We enjoyed a full day of fun for around $20 (including parking). Not bad at all, and the kids deserved it for the great job they did reading this past year.

More flags! More fun! 🙂

. . . More Works for Me Wednesday!

Six Flags Reading Club Open for 2009-2010 School Year

Want a free ticket for Six Flags, Great America? Now is the time to sign up! Individuals cannot sign up for this program on their own. However, your homeschooling co-op or support group can send in a group registration. If they are not already participating contact your group leader about taking advantage of this beneficial program for kids in Kindergarten through sixth grade.

Here’s the scoop:
Read to Succeed and Six Flags Six Hour Reading Club
Are homeschool organizations eligible to participate?
“Yes, homeschool organizations that include grades K through 6 are eligible to participate. Please contact 1-866-308-1362 for information about eligibility. Due to limited supplies, we can only send one kit to an association to be shared with all its members.”

For all the details check out this link:

This is open to all schools within 150 miles of a Six Flags park and is a great incentive to get kids into reading more. A simple 6 hour goal and they earn a free ticket.

We have definitely enjoyed these tickets for our kids that have fallen into the appropriate age category in recent years. They grow fast, so make the most of this opportunity while you can!