Chuck E Cheese reading incentive

Even Chuck E. Cheese is getting in on the action when it comes to encouraging kids to read.

Simply print out these reading reward calendars, have your child read every day for two weeks, and bring it in for 10 free tokens per child with a food purchase. You can get one for each child without needing seperate food purchases for each one (we have 5 children, buy 1 pizza and redeem 5 calendars, plus report cards if it is the end of a grading period).

These are great calendars, and they have a number of other ones on their site as well. If you want some extra encouragement while instilling good habits in your child, check out their other reward calendars (clean room, getting dressed, sleeping all night, manners, etc.) You can only redeem one calendar per child each time you go to Chuck E Cheese, and you must make a food purchase at that time as well, but these are great boredom busters and motivators all year round!

Don’t forget to bring your child’s report card with as well.

They earn tokens for good grades. Need some help putting together your end of the year grades? Check out Donna Young’s site for report cards that you can use for this important record keeping step.

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