Summer Reading

Young Girl Reading Giclee  Print

Often during the summer months we spend some extra time in books. With a lighter school schedule, more daylight hours, and more enjoyable weather, we love to stretch out with a book, inside or outside.

Why not reward your kids for time spent between those covers?

Of course, first check out your local library. Many of them have summer reading programs beginning this month or next with fun incentives to keep your kids reading.

But, that’s only the beginning:

Scholastic won’t actually give you something (other than virtual trophies), but you can log minutes to help move toward a world record.

Barnes & Noble will give your child a free book if they read 8 others and fill out the forms from their website.  (Hat tip to Debra for that link!)

Borders will also give your under 12 year old a free book in exchange for reading 10 other titles.

– If you haven’t already checked out Book Adventure, that can always help motivate your reader. My kids have not used this much recently, but in the past did win some of their prizes for reading the books and correctly answering questions on a quiz after the reading.

– Feel free to make up your own. Grab some little trinkets at a garage sale, on clearance, use outings as a reward, or just plain old cash. Set goals, and watch your kids dig into those books.

Reading in itself is an amazing reward, but some kids do need that little extra nudge to keep at it. Any other creative ideas or programs for encourage reading in your child?