Homeschool and Gym group meeting in Beverly area

A homeschool friend shared this on facebook:
The Beverly/Morgan Park Home School & Gym Group, Inc. is hosting a Visitors’ Day on Tuesday, March 19, at 9am-noon. Our co-op gathers weekly in the Beverly area on Tuesdays. Our age range is Infant thru High School.
The Beverly/Morgan Park Home School & Gym Group, Inc. is a co-operative non-profit. We exist to provide Chicago area and nearby suburban home schooling families opportunities to participate in sports, academics, creative co-op classes and other activities in a God-centered learning environment.

Some of the Gym Activities and Co-op classes we are doing this year:
Soccer Literary Sessions
Basketball Choir
Floor Hockey Science Experiments/Dissection
Ultimate Frisbee Cooking

Please RSVP to our Membership Coordinator Laurie, to reserve your spot. Please include the following information.

Name of Parents Attending:
Names and Ages of Children as of Sept. 1, 2013:
Phone Number:

Once Laurie receives your RSVP, she will email you a confirmation with additional details about the day. Please note: We are limited in the number of visitors we can accommodate at one time.

ETA: Wanted to let you all know this is a Christian group so you have a better idea if it will suit your needs or not. ~Thank you!

West Suburban Home School Band

From: The Patriots

West Suburban Home School Band

Summer is the best time (albeit not the only time) to think about
joining the award winning West Suburban Home School Band. We always need
new students to learn and develop, replacing those who graduate or move

Membership has grown from 46 students/26 families in 2001, to 160+
students/100+ families in 2011-2012. Students are home schoolers,
elementary through high school age. There are four band levels to
accommodate those with NO MUSICAL TRAINING whatsoever to those with
advanced experience and abilities. We also accept both experienced and
beginner parents. Auditions are required for all levels but Cadets.

Those who wish to audition for Concert Junior, Concert Senior or
Symphonic level as part of the WSHSB Annual Summer Chair Competition
must submit an audition video by August 9, 2012. AUDITIONING FOR A
also be limits in instrument sections within each band level. The
Concert Season roster is set by the end of August. However, once the
audition video deadline has past you are still able to join by
submitting an audition video with the following understanding. You will
be placed in the band where we feel you fit best and you will be at the
end of the roster for your instrument. THOSE WHO DO NOT SUBMIT AN
MEMBER OF THE BAND. Supplemental Senior and Symphonic audition materials
were released on July 11, 2012. However, it is still not too late to act
to give those who will need to audition, time to prepare.

AS SOON AS you consider joining contact the director, Karen Borow,
630-231-6155, and visit our website,
<> .