HSLDA sponsored webinar tomorrow, June 2

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How can a homeschooling dad play an active, involved role in his
children’s education without neglecting other essential
responsibilities? What ought to be his highest priorities?

Some homeschooling husbands feel they have a nearly impossible role to
play–as the provider, protector, and primary educator of the family.
Scott Somerville offers his wisdom and advice from years of experience
as a homeschooling father as he explains the hierarchy of priorities
that ensure a thriving home education.  Scott helps husbands realize
that most moms’ desire for practical help, bigger budgets, and time to
plan curriculum come far down on that list of priorities. When
husbands understand that wives want a principal and pastor more than
they need a teacher’s aide or assistant janitor, they can provide the
necessary assurance, godly leadership, and involvement that their
families need.

Learn how to balance and strengthen your family’s homeschool by
listening to Scott Somerville’s helpful and encouraging webinar
tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2, at 3 p.m. (ET). Gain a clearer
understanding of how to provide the education, encouragement, and
leadership needed to make your home the best learning environment

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