TOS Crew Review — STUDYPOD


With how often I have a book in my hands while still trying to accomplish something else (tie a shoe, referee a disagreement, answer the phone without losing my place, etc.), I looked forward to the opportunity to review the STUDYPOD, put out by Genio, “Smart Products for Smart People.”

This handy little gadget will hold your book of just about any size in an easily readable position while keeping your hands free for the other tasks of motherhood, blogging, paperwork, composition, Bible study, etc.


Earlier this year, for no apparent reason I experienced the pain of a ruptured disc in my lower neck. Proper posture holds a much greater weight in my estimation now more than ever before. The STUDYPOD puts my reading material at a more readable height and at a position that helps me maintain good posture while typing, reading, studying, and teaching my kids.

What I love about the STUDYPOD . . .
– stores right along with your books, and even looks similar to a book when closed up
– has a small storage area for pens, notecards, etc. right inside
– holds a variety of sizes of books and papers
– helps establish and maintain good posture while reading and studying
– keeps study area neat, encouraging focus and good time management

Not much to tweak in the use of this product. You can employ it in just about every room in the house. I was a little concerned initially that it might leave a mark or imprint on the page of the book. However, even after I left it for a while on one of our thicker books (still under the two and a quarter inch limit for thickness), it only left a small, almost imperceptible mark. Turning pages requires you to carefully work around the page support arm, but this can be accomplished with one hand without too much trouble.

As you can see, this versatile book stand can find many uses in your home and school. Everyone just might want their own . . . They have another version called the “Book” pod, so don’t feel like you have to be studying something to use their product. Pick from pink, black, blue, grey and beige. It regularly retails for $19.95, but if you buy two or more of either the BOOKPOD or STUDYPOD they will only cost $16.95 each and you can even take another $5 off your order with the code: TOSBLOG5

Might be an easy gift idea to tuck away for the upcoming holiday season.

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