Photo shoot at DuPage Children’s Museum

Is your child one of the new faces of DCM?

We’re updating DCM’s look for our marketing materials and will be holding a professional photo shoot in the Museum on Friday, 9/21 and Saturday, 9/22 to capture the spirit of curiosity, creativity and discovery experienced by our young visitors. Candid and portrait-style photos will be taken of children playing with exhibits, learning with their families and engaging with staff and volunteers.

You can help!

Visit the Museum on one or both of those days to participate and become a part of the DCM story. The Museum will be looking fantastic after its annual shutdown for maintenance and upgrades, with new exhibit areas to discover and explore. Come check it out and bring your best smiles!

If you want to participate, join our event on Facebook or Google+. Also, please take a minute to fill out this form to help us have the best photo shoot possible.

We hope to see you there!