Book It Pizza Hut program

If free tickets to Great America weren’t already enough, don’t miss out on the FREE PIZZA for your readers and pre-readers as well.

Again, for kids in K-6, this program motivates your child to read by rewarding them with a free personal pan pizza once a month for the six month duration of the program (October through March). And, you must sign up individually rather than through your homeschool group.

Book It! provides a great opportunity for each child to set their own goals and encourages them to get their nose in a book on a regular basis. The certificates are then redeemable for each month they meet their goal and have been great for treats (and convenience!) when we find ourselves schooling while out somewhere during the month.

As one of the commenters mentioned, there is also a program for preschool. This is not open to homeschoolers at this point and runs on a different schedule than the traditional Book It program.

This simple program motivates readers and gives a tasty reward. It has definitely worked for us!

Now is the time to register for this program for the coming school year. Don’t wait!

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