International Children’s Film Festival!

I received a special invitation to extend to area homeschoolers for the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, coming up October 22-30.

This looks like an absolutely fabulous time. Workshops, movies, and tons of activities packing the school days as well as evenings and on the weekend. So, if you want to make this a field trip, jump at the chance! Or, if your school days are too full to take a break from right now, check out some of their evening and weekend events.

For school day events (special targeted activities for kids from preschool through high school at various times) check out their school and special groups info.

Or, take a look at their evening and weekend schedule;

Or, maybe you want to check out the workshops.

And, of course if nothing else, check out their facebook page.

Main website:

And, the invite from the festival itself:

The Chicago International Children”s Film Festival is the oldest and largest film festival in the world. The Festival would welcome HomeSchool Children to experience the best in multicultural film from around the world. Filmmakers attend screenings and speak of the messages in the films. The Festival takes place from October 22nd to the 30th. The schedule is on-line at Come see the best in international film that opens young eyes and minds to new worlds, new cultures, and new ideas!

It looks like it runs about $7 a piece if you are coming with a group under 25 people. Knock another dollar off if you get together a group over 25.

Doug Newton is the man to talk to with all the group info though,  so check with him:

Contact: Doug Newton
Group Sales Coordinator
773-281-9075 ext. 3009