Individual schedules

We jumped back into school full time this week, fairly successfully, I have to say.

I admit, I am a creature of habit, but for some reason I let my routines slide in the summer. There is something terribly refreshing to me about starting a newly revised and enforced schedule. My house gets instantly cleaner, my days become more productive, emails get answered. It seems to work magic, for me, anyway.

Our first day had its typical speed bumps. Phone calls that couldn’t wait, eggs that needed turning, squabbles needing peace, and preparations I forgot. Somehow, I had remembered to type up our daily schedule, but forgotten to print out the kids’ individual schedules.

Last year I decided to make the kids their own schedules to keep in their folder or by their seat that reminded them of what they should be doing throughout the day. While I have it all on the master schedule, it is helpful to have it boiled down in one easy slip to keep handy.

It looks something like this (each child’s is of course a little different):

All morning chores done by 9:00 (Bible time)

9:30     Missionary bio

9:45     Spelling and prep for day

10:00   Piano

10:15   Handwriting

10:30   Math with Mom

10:45   Math on own

11:00   Typing

11:15   Silent reading

11:30   English with Mom

11:45   English on own

12:00   PE / Clean school room

12:30   Eat lunch

1:00     clean up lunch chores

1:15     Study hall

2:15     AO Year 5 – with Mom and Paige

3:15     Notebooking page

3:45     Independent time

4:45     Cook with Mom on Monday

And, on Friday we stay together the whole day covering extra topics that we want to spend time on (foreign language, nature study, etc.)
So, today we had these in place since I finished them up last night, and today went even more smoothly. Something about everyone knowing which direction they should be going and having clear expectations on how to get there.

These individual schedules have definitely worked for us.

I know scheduling is one of the big questions of new (and veteran) homeschool moms.

Anyone else want to share what tips they use to make sure everything gets accomplished as needed?

Do you prefer schedules, routines, or more flexibility?

How often do you change your daily plan?

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3 thoughts on “Individual schedules”

  1. I am only homeschooling one now (as my oldest is in college) but we use a schedule and have for many years.

    I prefer having a schedule as it’s like you said, things get done and the house is neater. Also, I think it worked for my children. It helped keep them on track and focused, and they knew there would be an “end” to it.

    I built chore training time into our homeschool schedule, and that “made” me train my children on their chores and now that they are older, I am so glad that I did!

  2. I don’t homeschool but this is an excellent idea. I could see doing this for my children each day–they are always asking me “what do I have today.” I could include any special events at school and activities for after school. Thanks!

  3. momstheword, I love the idea of building in chore training into the schedule. Thanks for sharing! And, thank for the reminder to keep the long term in goal. This is all headed somewhere eventually. Thank you for stopping in!
    Paula, this tip can fit into so many different scenarios. It is always helpful to have things in print to keep people on the same page. Thanks for sharing.

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