Homeschool soccer in South Elgin

From a reader:

Wanting to get the kids out for some fun and exercise?

This is a low key, relaxed setting. We have a large range of ages, sometimes as young as 4 or 5 through adult. Parents are welcome to play! We will learn some basic soccer warm-ups, drills and skills, so expect a little structure. There is no fee. Let us know if you are interested, and we will keep you posted by email. I will try to send an email “reminder” out no later than noon on Fridays.

Danny Kubasak will be coaching again this year. We look forward to another great year!

We would like to stripe the field as we have done in the past, but would need donations for the paint.  The field needs to be striped about every other week and the cost of paint is approx. $15 each time. If funds are available for paint, volunteer help for the striping would be appreciated. If we do not have funds for the paint, we will mark the field with cones.


Beginning Friday, May 6

Weather permitting, Fridays 3:30-5:30. Come the weeks you can. Don’t worry about the weeks you can’t.

3:30-4:00 come if you can to warm-up and practice on your own.
4:00-5:30 practice some basic soccer skills and join in on a fun game of soccer.

NOTE: We have the field reserved until 6 p.m. so we might go over at times. If you need to leave @ 5:30 please feel free to.

Fox Meadow Park, South Field

On the corner of Jenna Dr & Hobart Dr just west of Fox Meadow Elementary School in South Elgin


soccer ball (we would like everyone to bring their own if possible)

bug spray?


-There is a port-a-potty & children’s playground for the younger ones. There is a picnic table and a few benches at the playground.

-Parent’s/guardians might want to bring a blanket or lawn chair to sit on.

-Please do not drop your child off unattended. If you are unable to stay, please make arrangements with another adult to be responsible for your child.

-Younger children are welcome to play understanding that soccer can be rough at times. The ball sometimes accidentally gets kicked into people and more often than not it hurts really bad.

-If we have too large of a turn out, we will be dividing the children up into 2 groups according to age.

Email Melissa for more information at: mmartin0698 @ sbcglobal (dot) net  (remove spaces and substitute the “.”)

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