Sonlight upcoming 20th anniversary

The following came in an email from Sonlight:

Sonlight’s 20th Anniversary Celebration …

Sonlight Curriculum is turning 20 in 2010! We plan to make our 20th anniversary a special year for our company staff, vendors, friends and our beloved customers. Twenty years of offering the best of the best curriculum while getting to know and serve you–that’s worth a lot! You are invited to celebrate with us.

You’re Invited …
I’d be honored if you would join us for a 20th Anniversary Virtual Meetup Celebration in June of 2010, with John and Sarita Holzmann, Sonlight’s founders, hosting you. Expect lots of fun surprises with this webinar event to commemorate Sonlight’s beginnings, celebrate its customers and look forward to the future.

Stay Up-to-Date
Look for special events throughout the year–from money-saving special offers and charitable opportunities to customer contests and featured alumni. If you haven’t already, sign up for updates regarding the 20th anniversary celebration and events at That’s how I plan to communicate further news about this celebration.

We originally planned a 20th Anniversary Meetup on site here in Colorado and shared that expectation in last year’s catalog and on our website. As we actually began to plan for that, we realized too many Sonlighters could be left out of a celebration like this. So, we began looking at ways to engage as many friends of Sonlight in more electronic ways.

Tour of Sonlight
Still, if you plan on being in Colorado in 2010, we would be delighted to open Sonlight for tours each Thursday in June from 1-3pm. I’ll let you know how to RSVP so we can ensure our tours will accommodate you.

No matter where you are, I hope you’ll take advantage of our main event: Sonlight’s 20th Anniversary Virtual Meetup Celebration. Hey, it’s one of the few Sonlight Meetups where you can actually wear your pajamas the whole time! (New haircut not required–but if you need a good excuse for one, you have my permission.)

Don’t forget to sign up for updates so you stay in the know about what’s happening regarding Sonlight’s big anniversary year!

Tim Heil
Chairman, 2010 Anniversary Celebration
Sonlight Curriculum
Empowering parents to raise life-long learners who
fervently pursue whatever God calls them to do.

P.S. As you look forward to the year ahead, have you already chosen your Core curriculum for the school year? If you’d like help with your choices or want to talk through your homeschool goals, please contact a Sonlight Advisor–potentially even chat live while you’re browsing Sonlight’s website!

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