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Institute for Excellence in Writing
Announces events with Andrew Pudewa:

Elmhurst, IL (Chicago Area): August 4-6, 2009 – IEW Seminars
Hoffman Estates, IL (Chicago Area): 6, 2009 – Evening Event
Chicago, IL: August 7-8, 2009 – Chicago Homeschool Expo

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Elmhurst, IL (Chicago Area): August 4-6, 2009 – IEW Seminars
Details below, to register:
Tues., 8/4: High School Essay Intensive
Wed. & Thurs., 8/5-6: Teaching Writing: Structure & Style

Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church
155 W. Brush Hill Road
Elmhurst, IL 60126

Hoffman Estates, IL (Chicago Area): August 6, 2009 – Evening Event
6:00pm-8:30pm No Registration Necessary!
Andrew Pudewa: Conquering Corrupt Culture by Raising Christian Communicators
& Classical Conversations’ Kim Cromer:
Going Beyond the Books–Practical Application for Classical Education

Korean Church of Chicago
1500 W Algonquin Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

Chicago, IL: August 7-8, 2009 – Chicago Homeschool Expo
Andrew’s Talks: ”Freedomship” Education Paradigm, Reaching the Reluctant Writer, Spelling and the Brain, Teaching Boys & Other Children Who Would Rather Be Making Forts All Day, Instant Improvement in Writing
Seminar Descriptions:

Teaching Writing: Structure and Style
A Two-Day Seminar for Teachers, Parents, Tutors, College Students
Cost: $89.00/participant (2nd family member ½ price)

The structure and style syllabus teaches models and techniques for English composition which logically build upon each other, allowing students to become familiar and competent with a variety of writing formats and styles. As opposed to many “creative” writing approaches, this more classical system stresses modeling and builds a firm foundation of specific skills.

Students first make a “key word outline” and then rewrite from their notes, thus being freed from the problem of what to write about, so they are able to clearly focus on how to write well. As they master each structural model and stylistic technique, they develop great confidence, and consequently great creativity. The syllabus then gradually moves the student from dictated content toward “the blank page” using:

Eight different structural models, including:
* Note making and summarizing from notes; limiting skills.
* Summarizing narrative stories with the story sequence chart.
* Summarizing references (without copying the encyclopedia).
* Library research reports using multiple references and fused outlines.
* Topic – clincher paragraph format, techniques for titling.
* Creative writing, letters and writing from pictures.
* Formal essays and critique formats.

The Syllabus in Style introduces specific techniques to help students:
* “Dress-up” each paragraph with six different tools.
* Use a variety of sentence “openers.”
* Judiciously choose literary “decorations.”
* Learn English grammar in the context of USING it, rather than just memorizing terms and identifying parts of speech.
High School Essay Intensive
A One-Day Seminar for High School age students and teachers
Cost: $50.00/participant (parents $25 if attending with student*)

The High School Essay Prep class is an excellent way to get immediate experience and inside tips on how to do your best on the timed, 25 minute response to a prompt required on the new SAT test. Participants will actually write two full essays, carefully study and then apply the College Board evaluation criteria to sample essays, while receiving a detailed booklet of resources and suggestions for continued practice.

Additionally, students will learn special structure and style tools for use in composing the college application “personal essay”an entirely different type of writing task. The complete process will be presented: choosing the question, creating the outline, and polishing a final version. Participants will leave with a clear concept of the task, their own outline for an actual personal essay, and several new tricks and techniques to add to their repertoire.

Although this seminar is specifically designed for those who will be taking the SAT or submitting college applications within the next 1-2 years (and especially those teaching such students), it is also useful for general writing practice, tools and tips. It is open to all students, regardless of their experience with IEW courses or materials. A lot of actual writing is done during this six-hour class.

*Parents who wish only to observe are welcome to do so, space available. Paying participants will receive a space at a table and a handout.

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