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Finding Encouragement

November 18th, 2009

A key to homeschooling well, on at least a somewhat consistent basis, is to maintain a vision.

Without direction, without hope, without a goal in sight, we will likely flounder, often futura downloaden.

Where do you find your encouragement, your refocusing? Do you have goals in writing, or at least clearly in mind for homeschooling your children Download gta 5 mods ps4?

First and foremost, we must turn to the Scriptures for their direction and wisdom. God’s love and strength come in abundance to carry us through even the toughest days herunterladen.

I want to share a little secret that has helped me recover my enthusiasm time and again for what I do and why I do it. In addition to a daily quiet time in His Word, I listen to and read from fellow homeschoolers often:

Blogs — many homeschoolers blog about their ideas, their inspirations, their rough days, and their high points online videos downloaden kostenlos. I have found encouragement in reading about others’ successes and struggles. If you need to track down some good ones, check out the Homeschool Blog Awards Download deutschrap musik for free.

Recordings — Most mornings I squeeze in at least a quick walk and while walking I listen to my MP3 player that actually doesn’t have music gpx download op ipad. It has something that inspires me far more — the workshops from the ICHE convention. I bought the whole set and put it on my player so I can listen to it in snippets each morning herunterladen. Tedd Tripp’s talks could be listened to repeatedly in my opinion. So much wisdom out there, both online and through recordings.

Read books — Most homeschool moms don’t need encouragement to do this more often download with curl. ­čÖé But, if you find yourself a little travel weary in your homeschool journey, you may want to restock your nightstand. I don’t always read homeschool related books, but try to always have at least one book in addition to the Bible that encourages me either spiritually or as a mother or wife need for speed most wanted pc download vollversion kostenlos. When I keep those roles in their proper perspective, homeschooling somehow remains a joy.

Homeschooling Magazines — I especially enjoy The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for its variety of practical articles as well as refreshing encouragement, there are lots of other great magazines out there, too Download nero 11 for free full version german windows 10.

What books or speakers have you enjoyed or found great encouragement in? Favorite websites, blogs, etc.? Fortunately we don’t homeschool in a bubble, and we can draw so much encouragement from each other, whether face-to-face, through the internet, or through books and recordings.

These sources of encouragement have definitely Worked for Me.

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  1. November 18th, 2009 at 15:00 | #1

    Thank you so much for the info! I’m a fairly new homeschooler and need all the encouragement I can get. ­čśÇ

  2. November 18th, 2009 at 18:00 | #2

    What a great post. We’re thinking of homeschooling for our son since he’s been missing so much school due to medical problems. I’ll have to look more into it but your post gave me somewhat of an idea about it.

  3. admin
    November 18th, 2009 at 18:16 | #3

    Sherry and Jenny, each homeschooler has a unique story of what brought them to their decision, and the ups and downs in the early months (years . . .) I personally cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Here’s a study you might enjoy as well:http://www.hslda.org/docs/study/ray2009/default.asp. It basically verifies that the best for a child to be is in their home whether parents are certified or not, whether they have lots of money to spend on education or not, whether they are boys or girls. The score higher on standardized tests just from learning in an at home, loving environment! On tough days, I remind myself of that as well. ­čÖé


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