Labor Day

Whether you school or not today, take time to learn about the holiday. So often holidays simply mean another barbecue, a relaxed schedule, or time with extended family. If you want to learn a little more behind this “end of summer” final fling, check out these links:

The Department of Labor shares some of the history behind the day.

Or, check in with for some videos and more visual background of this holiday.

Create some labor related crafts — collages of people performing different jobs, a thank you card for a community helper, or make a life size outline of your child and decorate them in a favorite uniform.

The popular way to celebrate is taking some time to rest from the normal labors of everyday life.

Whether you are laboring or not today, enjoy the day. This year it is truly our end of summer as we head back to “the books” tomorrow with our first official day of school in over a month.

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