Volleyball camps

The following information is from Coach Lum at Westminster Christian School in Elgin. Feel free to contact him for more information about these opportunities for various ages to improve their volleyball skills and have some fun in the process.

I am the head varsity girls’ volleyball coach at Westminster Christian School (WCS) and wanted to share with you information about my Summer volleyball camps.  I am coaching various camps for girls and boys from grades 1 through high school at WCS (http://www.athletics2000.com/westminster/registration, scroll to the bottom) and the Top Flight Volleyball Club for outdoor (http://www.topflightvbc.com/campsclinics/docs/0910summer.pdf) and indoor (http://www.topflightvbc.com/campsclinics/jindoorcampsclinics.php).  Both facilities are in Elgin.

Of special interest though are the camps for volleytots and junior beach volleyball.  Volleytots start as early as the first week of June with my WCS Little Warrior camp.  If you know any friends with little girls or boys (grades 1-4) interested in playing volleyball, let them know it’s available.  We use a lighter ball, lower net, and smaller court to help the kids be as successful as possible.  Drills are shortened to hold the interest of the kids better also.

Top Flight junior beach camps start the second week of June and the last one starts the beginning of August.  You play either 2’s or 4’s, your choice.

Check out these unique opportunities for kids to improve their volleyball skills and IQ.  Thanks for your time.

~ Coach Guy

Guy Lum
– Head girls varsity coach at Westminster Christian School (IHSA ASEP certified)
– Team coach at Top Flight Volleyball Club (USAV IMPACT, CAP I, & CAP II certified)
– A Site Clinician for the US Youth Volleyball League’s Elgin location