Election Day

As homeschoolers, we often have an extra interest in our elected officials as we hold our freedoms a little dearer than the average American might.

You most likely already know that this coming Tuesday, February 2nd, is election day in Illinois.us flag

You may also have spent some time researching who to vote for, you may have even already voted! Either way, the electoral process is an important one for our kids to understand.

Here are some links to help in talking to or teaching your child about elections and the road to a political seat in our state and country:

– Illinois board of elections

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government offers some lesson ideas for various ages about elections and a variety of other government related topics.

Education World has some election day ideas. Many of these center around the presidential election, but some are applicable to any election.

Also, if you are still researching, some conservative organizations publish survey and voting results for various candidates to help you in this important decision.

– A general listing of who is running along with basic background information from Congress.org
Illinois Federation for Right to Life

Illinois Family Institute


Go Team!

Registration closes on January 31 for the eIditarod.

If you have not followed this amazing race in the past, I would encourage you to do so this year. And, I would encourage you to check out the eIditarod project hosted each year by Walter McKenzie. You simply join  their Yahoo group and follow along at the level that suits you.

They offer projects, lesson ideas, information and encouragement as you mush alongside these amazing men and women in the wilderness of Alaska.

Here are some previous posts of mine, at Delighting In His Richness, about the Iditarod and how we took advantage of the eIditarod project.

Also, be sure to check out the official Iditarod website for more background information on the race, the mushers, and the dogs.