Horse lessons in Antioch

Christian Based Home School Equine Program

Let us share your child’s passion for horses with a safe, fun-filled, equine program. Use our program to meet your home school PE requirements.

Sharon says, “The primary goal for my program is to introduce and instruct adults and children of all ages in the wonderful world of Horsemanship. I want to share my passion and open the world of horses to my students to share one of God’s most magnificent blessings through lessons, summer camp, trail rides, horse shows and all of the other special events that Heavenly Horses offer.”

Lesson Program:
Mon ‐ Thurs: noon ‐ 4:00pm

Purchase 6‐week package for $165 (new students only)
save $45 or $35 per lesson

Additional lessons:

  • 5 for $165 (a savings of $10)
  • 10 for $330 (a savings of $25)

Please feel free to contact
Sharon Casares for more information.
Phone: 847‐867‐6656