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This was forwarded to me, and so I’m passing it along as some of you might be interested:

Creation Kids: Online Classes

Dear Friends,

This is an invitation to join us for our upcoming Online Creation Kids Class. No special equipment, no place to drive. We come to you. You can check “science lab” off your list, because we do the work for you.

CSI has partner with author, home school mom and owner of Media Angels Inc, Felice Gerwitz. This partnership was formed with the purpose of introducing a series of online educational classes for kids.

Tom DeRosa along with host, Felice Gerwitz will cover the topics from CSI’s Elementary Science Curriculum, Investigate the Possibilities.” Exciting fun for middle school children or your upper elementary students.

Forces and Motion and Matter are the topics of this first series of classes. Join us for:

*Discussion and Questions: Ask Mr. DeRosa your questions

Date: Monday September 24th
October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Time: 3:00PM 4:00PM Eastern

Six classes
Only $5 per class
Payment options: Weekly $5 for Six Classes Or Get one class Free: $24.95


We are so sure you’ll enjoy this class we’ve recorded a preview just for you. Our gift.

Visit�to redeem your video, no strings attached. Creation Kids Class videos is found on the Class Previews page. If you have any questions? Please contact Felice at

Homeschool classes in West Dundee

Received this via email:

The Dundee Township Park District offers special hands-on animals classes for Homeschoolers at the Randall Oaks Zoo in West Dundee.  All of the details are available at our website The programs require pre-registration and fees are below.  Here are our special Homeschool educational classes available in the fall…

Animal Caretakers Club for grades 2-6

Join this club and take care of the Randall Oaks Zoo animals.  Brush the donkeys, make enrichment toys for the birds, socialize the reptiles, visit with the goats and much more!

Program # 428317-01
Wednesdays / 10-11 am

August 22 – October 10
$50 Dundee Township resident / $70 non resident

Program # 428317-02
Wednesdays / 10-11 am
October 17 – December 5
$50 Dundee Township resident / $70 non resident

Digestive Journey for grades 1-6

Take a wild tour through animal’s digestive systems.  We will learn about ungulates, gastric juices in reptiles, the function of a cecum, and much more.  Afterward we will have a snack and see how we break down food.  YUM!

Program # 428311-01
Friday / 10-11:30 am
September 14
$8 Dundee Township resident / $11 non resident

Zoo Math for grades 1-6

What does math have to do with running a zoo?  Plenty!  Come along for a journey of fractions, ratios, geometry, shapes, word problems, estimation, and plenty of mental math.  Math applications “in real life,” will be presented.

Program # 428311-02
Friday / 10-11:30 am
September 21
$8 Dundee Township resident / $11 non resident

Jumping Geography for grades 1-6

Where in the world are these animals from?  Australia, the desert of northern Africa, Thailand…the list goes on.  We will learn how the animals are specially adapted to, and are an expression of the environments that they are from.

Program # 428311-03
Friday / 10-11:30 am
September 28
$8 Dundee Township resident / $11 non resident

Veritable Vocabulary for grades 1-6

Come and see words in action!  Do donkeys see dichromatically?  Are deer crepuscular?  How does a cow’s eructation impact the ozone layer?  Is a duck nidifugous?  How does a ruminant ruminate exactly?  Enjoy the wonderful world of words!

Program # 428311-04
Friday / 10-11:30 am
October 5
$8 Dundee Township resident / $11 non resident

Hands-on History grades 1-6

How did donkeys impact the gold rush?  How did goats change the history of Neolithic farmers 11,000 years ago?  What did pigs have to do with the founding of England’s town, Bath?  Enjoy stories of how humans and animal history are intertwined in some pretty odd ways!

Program # 428311-05
Friday / 10-11:30 am
October 12
$8 Dundee Township resident / $11 non resident

For more information please call me at (847) 551-4310.   Thank you!

Katherine Ellinghausen

Natural Areas/Program Supervisor

Dundee Township Park District

750 N Randall Road, West Dundee, IL  60118

Office  (847) 551-4310

Cell  (847) 997-8894