SEE THE LIGHT Art Curriculum

Art is one of those areas you either enjoy teaching, you “outsource,” or you unfortunately avoid as unessential. However, if we simply drop this as an unneeded subject we are doing a disservice to our kids, but private art lessons can be costly and time consuming.

Rather than skip it or offer them a sub-par artistic education, there is a wonderful resource that you can use to teach your kids art within your own home, and, for significantly less than individual art lessons.

SEE THE LIGHT DVDs integrate art and Bible with step by step lessons.  They offer three distinct product lines :

ART CLASS – 9 DVD set with 36 lessons to last you a full school year and lay the foundation for great art skills

ART PROJECTS – Take your art skills into specific projects and styles for another year of art instruction

BIBLE STORIES – Five more lessons related to specific stories from the Bible.

You will thoroughly enjoy each of the teachers that come uniquely qualified as artists and as dedicated Christians.

We have personally enjoyed their first sample lessons and I will have a review coming in a few weeks on one of the Art Project DVDs as well. These are great products and essential for no-fuss art instruction that will work across the spectrum of ages.

Check out all the information, their useful resources, and some free tips and sample lessons at their website,

Potter coming to Mount Prospect

David Engesath, of Master Potter Ministries
Where: Bible Baptist Church, 123 Busse S. Road, Mt. Prospect
When: September 5-9 with services at 7:00 p.m. each night.
David is a Master Potter that brings the potter’s house to churches and visually explains the 8 stage process of forming clay.  He forms clay vessels on the potter’s wheel while preaching .This parallels the 8 stage sanctification process of the believer found in II Peter 1:5-7.  Understanding this process will encourage Christians to yield, surrender and serve.  This is for both adults and children.

You can find more information on him below: