Penny pencils and more!

Tis the season for back to school deals.

Grateful that I don’t have a school mandated supply list to follow, still I gleefully take advantage of the incredible deals on school supplies this time of year. I joked to my kids that we have enough paper and pencils for me to homeschool their children.

Some of the deals you don’t want to miss:

Staples :

  • Penny pencils (8 pack, yellow — limit two) only through Wednesday this week
  • Copy paper costs $3.69 and can be submitted for $3.68 rebate online (500 sheets per pack, limit two) also through Wednesday only
  • Lots of other dollar items, and a $5 off a $20 in store purchase coupon, but if you  don’t need any of these dollar items you might be better off waiting, because sometimes even better deals are just a week away.
  • More details and scenarios at Money Saving Mom.

CVS (**These deals are only good through Tuesday** In order to enjoy their deals you must get an Extra Care card and the coupons will print out at the bottom of your receipt, good towards your next CVS purchase. More on that here if needed):

  • Items that give you Extra Bucks equal to their purchase price (essentially making them free): glue, scissors, ruler, one subject notebook, and pens. (see store or ad for more limitations and details)
  • 3 subject notebooks are $3.99 with $3 Extra bucks.
  • Folders are on sale for a nickle

I’m sure there will be many more deals in the weeks ahead, but these you will need to jump on in the next couple days.

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