Kline Creek Farm — Maple Sugaring

Looking for something to do this weekend? Head over to Kline Creek Farm for their Maple Sugaring event. This takes place on Saturday and Sunday from 10-4 both days.

From their website:

See how 1890s farm families tapped trees and boiled the collected sap into maple syrup and sugar. Then, try to tap a tree yourself. Activities ongoing. Free. Registration not required.

Also happening at Kline Creek this weekend is “A Nickle’s Worth“:

Find out what a nickel could buy in the 1890s and how consumer preferences were changing. Free. Registration not required. Tours begin on the hour.

And, Blacksmith demonstrations (Saturday only from 1:30-3:30):

Stop by the wagon shed to see the blacksmith repair equipment and demonstrate the tools and techniques of the trade. Free. Registration not required.

Call (630) 876-5900 for more information.

Kline Creek is a great place for family outings. The visitor’s center has indoor bathrooms, a gift shop, and sometimes hosts other displays and activities. This addition to the property makes a visit to Kline Creek a bit easier on families with young children.

Other highlights a visit to the farm can bring:

The farmhouse was the center of domestic activities and today contains original artifacts and reproductions that enhance its homelike atmosphere. House tours start on the hour from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. and present topics from baking, canning, quilting and spring cleaning to preparing the house for special celebrations.

Depending on the time of year, staff and volunteers plant heirloom fruits and vegetables in the kitchen garden, tend to the orchard, work in the wagon shed or cure sausages in the smoke house. Percheron work horses help plant and harvest crops of corn, oats, and other small grains; and resident livestock, such as the farm’s Southdown sheep, Shorthorn and Angus cattle, and chickens, occupy the farm’s coop, barn, fold, and pastures.

Come with your questions and curiosity, and this time of year come prepared for some mud as well. We have found the staff there helpful and knowledgeable. A great place for creating memories.

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