Homeschool speaker in Harwood Heights

Illinois Family Institute

Please join HOPE as they welcome Ralph Rivera, Lobbyist for the Illinois Family Institute. He will  share the state of homeschooling in the state of Illinois as well as other pertinent legislation affecting the family.

Ralph has been a lobbyist for over 30 years for Pro-life, Homeschooling and Family issues. He and his wife Cindy have successfully home educated five sons and are on their last son in high school.
This is open to all those interested in family issues in our state. There is no childcare available, but those children who are studying or interest in Civics are encouraged to attend. Please forward to those you feel would be interested or  benefit.

When:  Saturday Sept 24th at 9:30-11:30am

Bethany Baptist Church
6700 W. Gunnison
Harwood Heights 60706

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