Free Educator Screening

You and one (1) guest are invited to a Free Educator Screening of Space Station 3D and Hubble 3D. Additional guests will be charged $5.50 for each movie, or $10.00 for both.  Join us and meet our Science Fair Vendors!  We will raffle prizes and have a Q&A after Hubble 3D!

Date: Tuesday August 24, 2010

Time: 4:30pm – Space Station 3D 5:30pm – Hubble 3D (please arrive a half hour prior to showtime to check-in and register) Q&A to follow Hubble 3D.

Place: Randall 15 IMAX – 550 N. Randall Rd.  Batavia, IL 60510  Get Map

RSVP: Email or Call 630-659-6762. RSVP by noon on Monday August 23. IMPORTANT Please leave us your first and last name, school name, theater, and number of people attending. If registering via email, you will receive an email confirmation. If registering via phone, you will not receive a phone call to confirm your space.

SPACE STATION 3D: SPACE STATION 3D is the story of this unique partnership of 16 nations building a laboratory in outer space — a permanent facility for the study of the effects of long-duration exposure to zero gravity and the necessary first step towards the global co-operative effort needed if man is to someday set foot on Mars. It is a story of challenges, setbacks and triumphs…and ultimately, the shared international victory of men and women whose dreams exceed the limits of life on this Earth. Website Educator Guide
HUBBLE 3D: Experience the gripping story — full of hope, crushing disappointment, dazzling ingenuity, bravery, and triumph – in HUBBLE 3D, the seventh awe-inspiring film from the award-winning IMAX Space Team. HUBBLE 3D recounts the amazing journey of the most important scientific instrument since Galileo’s original telescope and the greatest success in space since the Moon Landing — the Hubble Space Telescope.  Accompany the space walking astronauts as they attempt some of the most difficult tasks ever undertaken in NASA’s history, and will experience up close the awesome power of the launches, the heartbreaking setbacks, and the dramatic rescues of this most powerful story. Website Educator Guide
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