CHAMPs orientation meeting

As we race toward the start of school, don’t forget to consider how co-ops may play a part in your homeschooling. The Chicago area offers an abundance of classes and support group for you to plug into. Check out the tabs at the top of this site for many options. Many of these host get-acquainted opportunities this time of year. As we become aware of them, we will post them here.

CHAMPs homeschool co-op is having a parent and teacher orientation night

When: Monday, Aug 3 from 7-9 

Where: Mount Prospect Bible Church, 505 W Golf Rd, Mt Prospect (just west of Rt 83, south side of street)

You can view the CHAMP’s website for information on classes and schedules.   If you would like to meet the teachers and ask about classes or the co-op program, please come join them on August 3. 
-Cheryl Seda

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