Free field trip this Wednesday

March 3rd 10am – noon – The Island

FREE tickets to a famous South African play followed by discussion

This is a special opportunity for around  30 students and teachers who would be available on Wednesday, March 3rd: 10am – noon. It is free, no charge.

The Remy Bumppo Theatre Company’s production of

The Island by Athol Fugard
This is a stellar production of a famous South African play about two prisoners in a cell at Robben Island (where Mandela was
Incarcerated).  They struggle in creative ways to stay sane and hopeful and human in a very small cell.  The play was actually
developed By two former prisoners who collaborated with Athol Fugard, one of South Africa’s leading dramatists.

A summary of the play (as taken from their website):

Athol Fugard’s daring drama is set in an unnamed prison based on the one where Nelson Mandela was held. John and Winston are cellmates who spend their days doing back-breaking labor, and their nights rehearsing Sophocles’ Antigone to present to their fellow inmates. When John learns his sentence is being reduced, the men’s friendship is tested. Fugard plays the parallels between Antigone’s fight against political and patriarchal boundaries off of the imprisoned men’s fight for their dignity. The Island is a testament to the resiliency of the human heart.

Wednesday, March 3rd, 10am  – noon.

Theatre is located at 2257 N. Lincoln

Check out this website for more details on the production and to determine of this would be suitable for your children. It looks like a well done performance, and will no doubt spark some interesting discussions for older students.

For more information about these free passes, please contact Jennifer at

Groundswell has a block of seats for students.
Please let them know ASAP if you are interested in tickets.

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