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Disney’s Oceans teacher’s guide

April 22nd, 2010
Oceans Poster
Disney’s new film, Oceans, hit theaters today and if you are interested in working this into your school curriculum, they have a 42 page download available on their site. Go to Disney’s Oceans’ website and click on “for educators.”
They have an 8 page download and a 42 page download as well as some other resources and information. They had a mural contest, but registration has already closed.
A word of warning, that might not even need saying . . . These materials are from Disney and National Geographic, and as such come from an evolutionary mindset. I personally think there is enough beneficial information to make it worthwhile, but I wanted to include that so you can prepare how to best deal with it in your home.

Hope you find this information helpful whether you decide to go see the film or not.

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