Conventional offer

On Thursday I enjoyed a day of shopping and encouragement at the Illinois homeschool convention. Great speakers, vital topics, and almost limitless shopping venues.

A couple years ago I took advantage of the option to buy all of the workshops in MP3 format and I am so glad that I did. I have enjoyed listening to various speakers again and again — when I needed to hear it (not in June, when life seems a bit sun-shinier and smooth anyway). This was a purchase definitely worth the investment and I did the same this year.

Even at the regular price of $88 I would consider this a worthwhile purchase, but during the convention it is available for $57. Now I received an email from ICHE that you can order the set at convention prices for this whole weekend, whether you attended or not. If you are looking for some encouragement, or want some weapons to tuck away for “those” days you know we will all face in September, this might be something you would want to consider as well.

Some of the highlights: Tedd Tripp’s workshops on child rearing, Jeannie Fulbright on science, Stacey McDonald on motherhood and passionate housewives, and Vicki Bentley on home organization. Check out the full list here.

Here is the email from ICHE:

Thank you to all those who attended the convention this weekend!
For those of you who weren’t able to attend, we wanted to make sure you were aware of the opportunity to purchase the Entire Convention on MP3.

Buy the entire ICHE Convention on MP3 at a special price of $57 including Tedd Tripp’s workshops – this weekend only!

Order before midnight on Sunday June 7th!

( after this weekend the price will be $88 and Tedd Tripp’s workshops will no longer be available)

Order on line at:
Your Convention Committee
(847) 603-1259

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