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The following came from the Home Scholar (a website with lots of great helps for the homeschooler, especially those looking at homeschooling high school):

New Products and Free Resources! July 2009
Improved Website and New Free E-book!

We have just completed a MAJOR upgrade to our website and we’d like you to help us celebrate!  We have some free gifts and prizes to give away as well as some improved products and services to announce!  I hope you will check them out!

Free Special Report
Free Special Report E-book
“7 Secrets to Homeschooling Through a Financial Storm”
Free tickets to Heart of the Matter Online Conference
Every purchase this week gets a chance to win!
New edition of “Preparing to Homeschool High School”
Just in time for back-to-school, more info at a lower price!
New HomeScholar Website Design
Easy navigation with a search function for fast help!

“7 Secrets to Homeschooling Through a Financial Storm”
Free Special Report E-book

Free Special Report

  • The First Secret will beckon you back to the olden days of homeschooling, before all the expensive and unnecessary add-ons.
  • The Second Secret will help you streeeetch your homeschooling dollar!
  • The Third Secret will point you toward homeschool treasure: abundant resources all available for FREE!
  • The Fourth Secret will help you bridge the financial deficit by adding some income.
  • The Fifth Secret was the one we used extensively, and we soon had colleges THROWING money at us!
  • The Sixth Secret will help you cover the college-prep basics, without breaking your budget!
  • The Seventh Secret may be the most important one of all. It will take away the guilt associated with investing in your homeschool.

Our Price: FREE!
Click here to receive “7 Secrets to Homeschooling Though a Financial Storm”

My mission is to help parents homeschool high school
and many of my services are free!

“Preparing to Homeschool High School” 2nd Edition DVD

Preparing to Homeschool High School 2nd Edition DVD Learn to Homeschool High School with Excellence! Turn Your Humble Homeschool into a Supercharged, High Octane,
College Prep, Homeschool Academy – with LESS STRESS.  After much research, my husband discovered how to include MUCH more material on a single DVD! Since there is one disc, we were able to lower the price by 20%!!  This completely updated DVD is 90 minutes longer than the first edition.  That’s nearly 4 HOURS of instructional material, with much more information on every topic.  It even includes information for parents who have never before homeschooled, so it’s perfect for every family facing high school.
More information, lower price! Buy Now

Our Price: $60.00
Introductory Price: $45.00
Buy Now

Heart of the Matter Online Home Education Conference

Heart of the Matter 2009 Convention Join us online for the second annual Heart of the Matter Online Parenting and Home Education conference. In addition to participating in sessions with fabulous speakers and having a chance to ask them questions directly you will also receive hundreds of dollars worth of free downloads, a chance to win wonderful prizes, MP3s of the sessions (after the event), and lots of fun and fellowship with other parents like yourself.  I will be speaking on “Finding a College” and “How to Afford Christian College.”

Regular Price: $12.95
Our Price:
Free if you win!

Every single item purchased this week give you one chance to win free admission to the Heart of the Matter Online Parenting and Home Education Conference.  Purchase more, and you have more chances to win!  Winners will be drawn at random.  I have three tickets to give away!

New and Improved Website!
After a lot of hard work (mostly by my beloved husband) we are finally able to unveil our new and improved website!  Besides looking clean and new, there are benefits that go beyond the colors.  There is a search function that will allow you to quickly and easily find answers to the problems you are facing.  It has clearly labeled sections for easy navigation, including a great box filled with my free resources.  There is also a dedicated member’s area to make it easier for our members to access the Gold Care Club and bonuses that came with their purchase!

Have I mentioned that my mission is to help parents homeschool high school, and that many of my services are free?  The new website highlights our recent articles and blog posts, so that you stay in-the-know.  There is a new welcome video, and I have made it easy for you to connect with me on social networking sites like Facebook.  And my favorite part is the testimonials section, with photos of families I have worked with. I love seeing their smiling faces!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about these changes!  My vision is that all families feel empowered and equipped about homeschooling high school.  I believe the products and support available on our website can make a real difference for you and your family.  Please check out my new website! I hope it will bless you in your job as a homeschool parent.


Lee Binz
The HomeScholar

If you want to win tickets to Heart of the Matter Online Conference, here is how it works.  I’ll put each item you purchase on my list with your name.  On July 25th, I’ll select three winners using a random number.  My selections are final, and I will contact winners by email.

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