Gym group in Beverly/Morgan Park area

Are you a home school family looking for fun physical education activities and co-op classes?

Beverly/Morgan Park Home School & Gym Group

This is a local group that was created to provide opportunities for home schooling families to participate in sports, academics, creative co-op classes and other activities in a Christ-centered learning environment.

Where: St. Paul’s Bible Church (located in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago, 1960 W. 94th between Damen & Winchester)

When: Tuesdays, 8:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

Duration: September – May (divided into 2 semesters with holiday breaks)

Yearly Membership Per Family Fee: $235*

They are a Christian, co-operative group accommodating home school students infant through high school. In order for the group to be successful, one parent from each family participates weekly with gym activities, co-op classes, or in some other capacity. This gives the group opportunity to benefit from the skills of parents and helps the group run smoothly. All families meet for the duration of the co-op year. The offer Nursery and Preschool class for children ages 0-4. Students ages 5-12  participate in all activities scheduled for their age group. Below are some examples from the past

Gym Activities:

• Soccer

• Volleyball

• Basketball

• Bowling

• Swimming

• Ultimate Frisbee

Co-op Classes:

• Literature

• Anatomy

• Basic Electricity

• Music History

• Art

• Drama

The co-op year is divided into two semesters with holiday breaks. The weekly schedule is divided  into 3 co-op classes and 1 gym class that last for four weeks.

For the 13-17 age group we offer a little more flexibility in their schedule. See below:

• All students participate in gym classes (including the first semester “team building”)

• At the start of each semester, class choices are made

• In the event that a class is not being offered or a student doesn’t want to take it, they can bring school work from home and work independently in a parent supervised study hall

• They also require that the students volunteer twice a semester in some capacity at the Co-op.

If you are interested and would like more detailed information, please email the Membership Coordinator at Please include ages of children as of Sept.  and a phone number. They will be scheduling visits for April.

*Fee: The non-refundable registration fee is $45; yearly membership fee per family (NOT per child) is $235. This covers all co-op classes, gym activities and weekly snacks. This fee is due on or before the start day in September. After the first day, this fee is non-refundable. As a cooperative, all members participate in the “Great Lakes Scrip” fundraising program to  subsidize (essentially earn back) the cost of their membership and help to keep the fee minimal for all families. (For more  information on how that works feel free to contact them).

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