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Ethos Debate is excited to announce the launch of Ethos Excel, a national, online Stoa and NCFCA Debate Class/Club offering instruction in Lincoln-Douglas, Team Policy, and Parliamentary Debate. (This is a wonderful alternative for families who would like their children to be involved in debate but need some flexibility.)
How it Works:
Every other Thursday we will meet online for a 2 hour class. At the end of each class, homework will be assigned to be turned in by the next meeting. On the weeks we do not have club, we’ll schedule online debates between students to be judged by our elite coaches. And finally, you will have access to 6 private coaching sessions which will be scheduled for you throughout the semester. (You need to have gone to a debate camp or something similar, because this class isn’t geared on “teaching you to have your first debate round,” but is launching you on long-term mastery of debate.)
Exact Dates and Times:
Start Date: September 10, 2015
Team Policy: 3:00pm (CT) every other Thursday, starting September 10
Lincoln Douglas: 10:00am (CT) every other Thursday, starting September 10
Parl: 3:00pm (CT) on off Thursdays (starting September 17).
Why study debate with Ethos?
1. The Instructors – National champs and coaches of national champs, who are exercising their debate skills in the real world (like PR for the Air Force, CEO for a startup, consulting, and presentation coaching for professionals). Debate class becomes real education, not just a competitive edge.
2. Past Success – The coaches have started 5+ debate clubs, coached 5+ national champions at college and high school, coached the Patrick Henry College debate team to a national title, and placed top 5 in the nation in 10+ events themselves (at college or high school).
3. Progressive Curriculum – We’ll take students through Classical Rhetoric principles, modern communications tactics, wisdom and philosophy of persuasion, the toughest theory, the most audience-oriented strategies, case writing, and negative strategies and techniques.
Cost: $275 per semester, optional Parliamentary Debate + $125. (Prices go up 15% on August 16, 2015.) Ethos Excel will include approximately 36 hours of coaching + grading, brief sharing, connections etc. Look at it from an academic standpoint. You’re paying less than you’d pay for an online junior college class.
For more information, click on the following link:

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